Bring back reels on your profile grid

October 20, 2022 | Shalini Thaker | Instagram Reel

Oops! Did you accidentally remove an important reel or forget to turn on ‘Also share to feed while posting’? This issue can be quite frustrating for some Instagram users, especially for those who have a professional account. (Show a screenshot of the ‘also share to feed’ option not turned on while posting). 
You no longer need to be worked up thinking about how to get a reel back on your profile grid. We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to know how to add back reels once you have removed them from the grid.

How to bring back reels on your profile grid?
Instagram’s latest version V.257 was rolled out last night with an aim to improve performance and reduce bugs. It was easier to get reels back on your grid in older versions of the app. While it may not be as straightforward to do so in the latest version, it’s not impossible.
So, here are two ways for you to add a reel back to the profile grid after removing or posting it.

  1. By reposting : This is the simplest and most popular method. But before you go for this method, please remember that it will remove all the engagement and traction generated through the previously posted reel.
    Step 1 : Open the Instagram app and log in to your account.
    Step 2 : Go to the reel section and choose the reel you want to move back to the grid.
    Step 3 :  Click on the 3 dots and press delete.
    Step 4 :  Go back to your profile and press the + symbol.
    Step 5 : Choose the option reel and select the same reel from your gallery.
    Step 6 : Edit the reel like before by adding text, music, captions, tags, hashtags of your choice.
    Step 7 :  At the bottom, you will find the ‘Also share to feed’ option. Ensure that you turn it on.
    Step 8 : Click on the post button and you can see the same reel on your grid.

  2. Through older versions : If you are not okay with losing out on all the engagement and traction by reposting, then this method is exactly what you are looking for. You can carry out this method either on your current or old phone so keep both of them handy.
    Step 1 :  If you are going ahead with your current phone, then start by saving all your story and reel drafts that you don’t want to lose.
    Step 2 : Uninstall the app from your device.
    Step 3 : Go to the browser and search for an older version of Instagram which has the feature of adding reels back to the grid. You can find some older versions here. ( 
    Step 4 : Download the APK file and open it. Once you open it, you will get an option to download Instagram. Download the app from this window only. 
    Step 5 : Open the app which you just downloaded and login.
    Step 6 : Once you open it, there’s a chance that you won’t find the reels icon itself but do not panic. Just refresh the account for it to appear. In case it still doesn’t appear, log out and login again.
    Step 7 : Now go to the reels tab on the profile and choose the reel you want to bring back to your profile.
    Step 8 : Click on the 3 dots at the bottom left corner.
    Step 9 : Here you will find the “add to profile grid” option.
    Step 10 : Click on it and Voila!

    While you follow this method, do not forget to uninstall the older version and download the new version if you have done this process on your current phone.
    We hope this helped you in acing your Instagram game. There are infinite ways to grow on Instagram and we are here to help you with that. Follow our Instagram handle @infinitemedia22  for more such updates.